Openreach adds fully diverse connectivity options at Kao Data Campus

Kao’s London One data centre campus

Kao Data has announced the installation of two fully diverse Openreach fibre spines offering highly resilient data connectivity for its London One data centre customers. The Openreach EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) allows customers’ external sites direct (point to point) connection to the data centre, delivering multiple high bandwidth connections over a reliable fibre network, to build and extend customer networks.

Openreach EAD supports a range of customer requirements, allowing them to develop new infrastructure and meet low capacity backhaul requirements, up to 1Gbps.  This installation provides customers with the resource to implement their cloud computing capabilities with the knowledge that two diverse fibre routes ensure a high degree of network reliability for critical customer applications. This capability provides an automatic switch from primary path to secondary data path activated within 50 milliseconds, as protection from unforeseen incidents.

Jan Daan Luycks, CEO, Kao Data stated, “Our customers will choose Kao Data because we offer carrier neutral communications options within a state of the art data centre providing a highly flexible, reliable and cost effective approach to the growing data transfer needs of business, government and academia. The installation of the Openreach fully diverse fibre as part of our customer strategy is an important step in that process, giving customers high speed, reliable data transport into the customer server space.”

Situated in the London-Stansted-Cambridge technology corridor, the £200m Kao Data Campus provides around 150,000 sq.ft technical space and 35MW power for IT equipment. The site comprises four 8.8MW data centres, each divided into four 2.2MW Technology Suites.


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