Ofgem has issued five suppliers with provisional orders compelling them to pay a total of £575,000 now for Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments outstanding since June.

The biggest debtor Orbit Energy owes the regulator more than £450,000. The renewables-only supplier was expelled with Neon Reef from Elexon’s Balancing Settlement Code last week, and cannot take on new customers.

Standard Licence Condition 33 compels any licenced power supplier to chip in on a quarterly basis, contributing towards the twenty-year costs of FiT beneficiaries, according to a levelisation process.

The regulator’s next step is either to fine the suppliers, or to revoke their licences.

The five and their FiT debts are:

Orbit Energy                                  £  451,296

Delta Gas and Power                       £   46,701

Social Energy Supply                       £   28,735

Simply Your Energy/ Entice              £   28,353

Whoop Energy                                £    19,013

The FiT closed to new entrants in March 2019 after nine years of UK operation, and with just over 1.1 million microgenerators benefitting.


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