Regional DNO Electricity North West is calling on customers and stakeholders to help shape the way it buys flexibility on its network.

The North West’s grid operator has launched its first consultation with counterparties, in a process designed to afford stakeholders a key voice in developing the region’s flexibility market.

At issue are ENW’s processes for signposting, procuring, dispatching and settling flexibility services, and increase opportunities for participation.

Lois Clark, DSO commercial lead at the DNO, said: “We are committed to helping our customers to decarbonise and help the North West to reach Net Zero”.

“As flexibility plays a huge part in these plans, we want to ensure that we capture our stakeholders’ feedback, helping to remove barriers to entry into our flexibility markets.

“Huge progress has been made in the last few years within this space” Clark went on.

“With plenty of work still to do, we want to capture users’ thoughts on how we should shape these markets of the future to suit everyone’s needs.”

The consultation was promised in the DNO’s statement on buying distribution flexibility. Better understanding customers’ views and using them to shape future rounds for tendering is the ENW’s goal.

ENW’s eight week consultation closes on Friday, 30 September.

All feedback received – including through completion of this online form – will be used where possible into shaping the company’s future flexibility tenders.

ENW is also running a webinar on Wednesday 14 September, where responses from commercial customers will be collected via live polls.

A third route is to gather views is by commercial customers responding to this email address.


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