Ovo cops bill for SSE’s missed smart meter targets


Ovo will pay £1.2m in redress after SSE Energy Services failed to meet its smart meter installation target for 2019.

Ovo acquired the SSE’s domestic retail customers in January this year in a deal worth £500m.

SSE paid a smaller amount, £700,000, the year before for missing 2018 targets.

Under the smart meter programme suppliers are obliged to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to at least offer customers a smart meter, though customers are not obliged to take them.

The rollout deadline has now been extended to 2025 and suppliers are set to be given stiffer annual targets to meet, which will be reset yearly.


  1. re ” … customers are not obliged to take them”

    That is interesting,I didn’t know this.In Germany there is a min. consumption before costumers are required to accept the installation, this is 6 MWh/year per meter.
    Even when consuming more per premise there is still the technical legal solution to install 2 or more non-smart meters to stay below the 6 MWh regulation.


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