Power Efficiency Becomes Ecova, Inc


European energy procurement and carbon reduction consultancy, Power Efficiency Limited announced that it has changed its name to Ecova, Inc. Limited and will operate under the management of Ecova, Inc. Ecova, a US-based energy and sustainability management company and fellow subsidiary company of ENGIE (formerly GDF Suez), provides comprehensive energy and sustainability services that, like Power Efficiency, include energy procurement services, invoice validation, portfolio benchmarking, carbon reporting and carbon policy development, and many other solutions, to multi-site companies. Both companies were acquired by ENGIE, a worldwide global energy player, and because of the similarities in solution offering, coupled with the attractiveness of the European market for investment and growth, ENGIE made the decision to move Power Efficiency under Ecova’s management and brand.

The expansion into the European market increases Ecova’s client base to 900 multi-site clients and over 710,000 sites under management in North America and Europe. The integration of Power Efficiency under Ecova management positions the company well to draw on the expertise of the team located in Europe to provide a robust suite of solutions to North American-based clients that have locations in Europe. Additionally, European-based clients will benefit from investments made by Ecova toward future product development efforts to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic, global energy landscape.

“This is a smart management and brand integration for our two companies and I’m excited that Ecova’s first step outside North America has been to add capabilities in Europe, with immediate plans for further expansion,” said Jana Schmidt, chief executive officer for Ecova. “In this phased roll-out of global capabilities, Ecova is prioritising markets that provide the greatest business benefits to our clients around cost and risk management.”

As part of this expanded reach, and with ENGIE as the parent company, Ecova has positioned itself for geographic expansion. Ecova knows how critical local market knowledge is to understanding the complex energy environments, and is positioning senior leaders so that they can ensure proper support and market expertise is in place. To that end, Olivier de Jonghe, who is located in Brussels, has been appointed chief international business development officer. Olivier is responsible for the development of Ecova outside of North America.

Martin Sieh, chief facility operations officer, located in the United States, will lead Ecova’s global delivery structure. Building out a large, fully integrated, global delivery team will be Ecova’s key differentiator in the market.

Mark Anderson, who was previously the managing director of Power Efficiency and is located in London, will continue to oversee delivery of services for existing clients in the UK and will also be responsible for building out operational capabilities across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Christine Paul-Bray, who is located in Paris, will head Sales and Marketing outside of North America.

“In feedback from clients, international needs have focused on visibility into accurate and complete data, energy procurement/risk management guidance, and carbon reporting services – which are all core competencies of Ecova and in alignment with our plans for providing long-term value to our clients,” said Olivier de Jonghe.


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