PPA contracts: Getting the knowledge you need, when you need it


In recent years Power Purchase Agreements have gone from a niche product exchanged between expert parties to mass market electricity products.

Get it right and it can be an amazing success, but get it wrong and it can be a catastrophe.

For all the developments within the PPA market, getting the clarity and independent expertise needed to operate effectively hasn’t kept pace.  Finding relevant, real-life commercial support and knowledge from unbiased, trusted, independent advisors, that have actually used PPA contracts and fully understand their pro’s and con’s has been tricky to find. This is leaving many companies in a confused state about what is the best path to take.

To fill the gap, Cielo Energy, built on 30 years of front-line electricity market experience, has created a series of on-line, easy to access and simple to understand courses on PPA contracts. The online curriculum is built to provide focussed training covering the real-world commercial realities of PPA contracts, delivering clear knowledge in an easy to understand, digestible format.

Stuart Lloyd-Evans, Managing Director of Cielo Energy says, “I was involved in my first PPA contract in the late 1990’s and have stayed close to the market ever since.  PPA contracts can be fantastic if used properly, but the key to long term success is really understanding what you’re getting into up front, and being able to ask the right questions. We take an awful lot of calls from companies, who need simple, basic, straight forward commercial assistance with PPA’s. This is why we have created the online PPA training courses.  Available at your convenience, for buyers and sellers, making sure this potentially complex subject is covered in a straight forward real-world way.”

The Cielo PPA Courses cover a short, but information packed, ‘Executive Summary’ Course for those looking to really accelerate their knowledge quickly.  Aimed at senior leaders and new entrants to provide an effective introduction to the PPA marketplace.

There is also a longer more in-depth ‘Effective Implementation’ Course covering the commercial realities for buyers and sellers – aimed at those using or thinking about using PPA contracts themselves, or are party to clients using them.  Typically appropriate for, advisors, analysts, investors and academics, investors, lawyers, and renewable energy companies.

On completion, included in each course is a free 1:1, 30-minute consultation with one of the Cielo experts, allowing you to focus on any specific questions you have, relevant to you and your business.

Naturally, Cielo are well placed to handle any PPA Agreements for you, if that’s your preference. The key thing to remember that as an Independent Advisor, Cielo Energy has your best interests at heart.

Visit Cielo Energy or get in touch to see how we can help make your decarbonisation journey a long-term success, or contact us via email.


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