Pulsant announces £1m upgrade to South Yorkshire data centre


Pulsant, a leading UK provider of hybrid cloud services, has announced a £1 million upgrade project for its South Yorkshire data centre. The site is undergoing a complete mechanical and electrical infrastructure refresh to bring it up to tier 3 equivalent status with N+1 resilience.

The upgrade will take place across the entire facility, incorporating both data halls, adding 90 racks to data hall 1. This includes a complete renovation to power generation, cooling, lighting and fire suppression systems. In addition, the project will pave the way for a third data hall with a 180-rack capacity.

“This project will benefit both our existing customers in the datacentre, as well as prospects that are looking for a secure, resilient and high performing site in the South Yorkshire region,” said Brian O’Hare head of data centre construction, Pulsant. “Upon completion of the project, we will be one of the only facilities in the region to offer these levels of performance and reliability.”

Pulsant will work with a team of specialists to complete the project, which will see the installation of a new generator, uninterruptable power supplies across the site, and a new low-voltage switchboard, as well as smart, efficient cooling. The planned upgrade will also bring the site in-line with Pulsant’s other 14 UK-based facilities in terms of performance and resilience. Work on the site will begin toward the end of June and is due for completion in October.



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