Rail renaissance: are you ready?


Delivering solutions for traction power, signaling, buildings and on-board rolling stock systems, Socomec provides electrical power solutions for all rail facility applications – and outlines them in this sponsored post.

Our railways are undergoing a period of renaissance, with arguably the most significant investment taking place since the 1950s. This ongoing investment – particularly in technology – will enable rail to remain an attractive mass transportation option, as well as being commercially compelling in terms of the movement of goods.

The guaranteed performance of systems within any hard working rail infrastructure has never been more important. The most advanced low voltage electrical solutions for rail specific system architectures guarantee network safety and robustness – even in the most challenging operating environments.

Colin Dean, Managing Director, Socomec comments; “Whether planning a new installation or retrospectively upgrading an existing facility, Socomec can develop a low voltage electrical solution for an organisation’s precise requirements – delivering optimised system performance and robustness, ensuring that these precise requirements are met with a customised solution.”

Socomec delivers solutions for traction power, signaling, buildings and on-board rolling stock systems; Socomec provides electrical power solutions for all rail facility applications.

High performance critical power – PADs approved

Socomec’s Network Rail PADs approved IP+ RAIL range provides the very latest UPS technology for the mass transportation sector. Housed in a compact, robust, steel-framed enclosure, the system has IP31 or IP52 ingress protection as well as anti-corrosion tropicalised circuit boards where required: this system can operate where conductive dust or dripping water may be present.

The electromagnetic disturbance immunity level is double that required by European EMC standards and has been independently tested and certified to pass EN 50121-4 and 5. Furthermore, low smoke, zero halogen cables are fitted as standard.

Easy, fully-assured and time-saving integration

As with many investments, however, a successful operation and attractive ROI ultimately depend upon the optimised performance and flexibility of the system architecture.

Rack-mounted modular UPS – for easy, fully-assured and time-saving integration

Socomec’s Modulys RM GP is a 3-phase modular UPS system designed for 19” rack integration across multiple applications. Easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain, it provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design – leaving space for other rack-mounted devices.

MODULYS GP – modular UPS from 25 to 600 kW

The power output by a single MODULYS GP unit can be scaled up from 25 to 200 kW via the addition of power modules that are stacked vertically within a single cabinet frame.

The vertical modular system can be extended further horizontally up to three cabinets in parallel to reach a total output power of 600 kW. Designed with no single point of failure, the solution provides total redundancy of N+1 or N+2.

Masterys GP4: performance accessible to all

Every electrical infrastructure has its own specific set of requirements – which is why the Masterys GP4 range can be customized accordingly. The latest Masterys GP4 and BC+ have been designed to be easily configured – even during order processing – and they can also be adapted to the needs of existing installations.

Building from a catalogue base, with optional building bricks such as a Neutral Kit, IP21, Top Cabling, Top Ventilation, it is possible to create a fully personalized solution with a short lead time

Energy Monitoring: take control of costs – and improve efficiency

Providing control over energy costs whilst improving both energy quality and efficiency is vital for the unique demands of the rail sector. The most advanced monitoring, measurement and management systems – such as Socomec’s Digiware – provide that control over your energy costs.

A fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept, with a common display for multi-circuit systems, Digiware is compact and quick to install, and provides the industry’s most accurate and effective metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality. Infinitely scalable, it is capable of monitoring thousands of connection points.

Socomec’s Diris Digiware system offers an accuracy of class 0.5 to IEC61557-12 from 2% to 120% of the current sensor primary rating.

Rolling stock – keep on moving

The protection of on-board equipment and systems is fundamental to the safety and smooth operation of any rail operation.

Socomec’s innovative automatic transfer switches enhance power availability and simplify the electrical architecture, ensuring standby and alternate power availability.
With ongoing investment in development, the Socomec ATyS has been approved for use by LUL (London Underground Limited) as an integral part of a complete system. Certain conditions apply; please see LUL “Product Registration Certificate 3067” for full details.

Fully certified to BS EN 60947-6-1, ATyS also meets the requirements of BS EN 9999:2008 and BS 8519:2010 when enclosed by Socomec.

Maintain service standards during infrastructure improvements

Delivering innovation to the rail industry also requires ongoing support to ensure that the installed systems continue to operate at optimum performance levels – particularly when infrastructure is undergoing improvements.

To learn how your railway infrastructure can benefit from Socomec’s complete range of integrated power products and services please visit us at Innotrans in Berlin, 18-21 September. Stand Halle 11.2 Stand 210D3

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