Reducing thermal stratification in space heating


Hoval has launched a modular, scalable solution for heating and ventilating warehouses and other ‘shed’ type buildings of any size and height, providing significantly improved control of thermal stratification compared to conventional systems. Providing the best features of both centralised and decentralised systems, the Hoval Large Space Heating system simplifies planning and tendering whilst also reducing project implementation times.

Temperature stratification is 0.15K per mounting height metre (K/m) – In conventional systems it is up to 1.0 K/m


The system is based on a three-module concept configurable depending on requirements; the UltraGas condensing gas boiler feeding TopVent units for recirculation or RoofVent units if air changes are required. These products are controlled by the TopTronic C zone control system – and all are fully ErP 2018 compliant.

If heat pumps are the approach on the project instead of gas boilers then RoofVent RP and TopVent TP are decentralised units combined with air source heat pumps to provide heating or cooling. Existing heating or cooling solutions from other manufacturers can also be interlinked with RoofVent and TopVent.

Thermal stratification is minimised by the Air Injector vortex air distributor in TopVent and RoofVent units, which enables easy adjustment of the air stream range from 4m to 25m and regulates the scatter angle (induction) of the air stream as a function of the mounting height. Temperature stratification is thereby limited to 0.15K per mounting height metre (K/m) – compared with up to 1.0 K/m in conventional systems.

In conjunction with temperature- and time-based zone control, the heating times and hall temperatures can be optimally adapted to the logistical and energy-related requirements. Due to the high ventilation efficiency of the TopVent recirculation heating units, the Hoval solution makes do with fewer units and lower air flow rates than conventional recirculation heaters. This reduces investment, installation and operating costs.

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