Release of Risk360 in the UK


POWWR has announced the release of Risk360 in the UK market, raising the bar on risk and position management performance for energy suppliers. Risk360 is widely used by energy suppliers of all sizes in the USA and is now ready for adoption across the UK. In fact, it is already making a positive impact.

Matt Adcock, senior supply analyst at Bluegreen Energy says, “Switching to POWWR’s Risk360 solution has provided us a level of detail and accuracy that has quickly become a critical tool for continued success. The reporting and all critical data are right at our fingertips so we can immediately know our current and future position. I highly recommend this POWWR product as the best tool in the market.”

Unlike other energy forecasting products on the market, POWWR’s proprietary solution goes beyond basic static forecasts that are just delivered via e-mail, excel sheets or .csv exports. Risk360 is dynamic, with visual tools and reporting that centralises all data and provides complete transparency across risk teams. Risk360 also increases profit margins as it has built-in intuitive customer insights to allow energy suppliers to research “what if?” scenarios and better predict the energy they need to buy and sell.

Sarah Oliver, VP of Product at POWWR says, “We are excited to extend our portfolio of products with this proven platform to improve our clients’ level of accuracy with data that is automatically updated, without the headaches involved with spreadsheets. At the end of the day, forecast accuracy is the critical factor for suppliers and Risk360 is consistently on the mark because we use historical customer-level data in our analytics, providing greater detail and intuition than traditional top-down methodologies.”

Much more than a forecasting tool though, Risk360 produces other critical reports such as revenue forecasting, portfolio selection, position reporting, and back-casting.


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