Renewable electricity helps Gatwick Airport achieve carbon neutrality


When Gatwick Airport renewed its contract with Haven Power it was in recognition of the supplier’s ability to manage their complex billing and support day-to-day operations.

In addition, the energy company’s renewable electricity continues to play a role in helping the UK’s second largest airport achieve 100% carbon neutrality.


Gatwick Airport is among the world’s first airports to achieve 100% carbon neutrality – and the first London airport to attain this status.

This was possible because of the airport’s use of 100% renewable electricity to run the airport and the Gold Standard carbon credits that offset its ground fuel emissions.

This significant outcome springs from Gatwick’s Decade of Change programme of ambitious environmental and community-focused targets.

Choosing renewable electricity

Rachel Thompson, Sustainability Manager, Gatwick Airport says, “Some of our early actions, including the purchase of renewable electricity from Haven Power since 2013, have been important to staying on track with our goals for 2020.”

The Sustainability Manager continues, “We believe that Gatwick was among the first airports in the world to go for 100% certified renewable electricity. And that’s credit to our Engineering (Utilities) and Procurement departments for having the vision to choose this option, and to Haven Power for being able to provide it.”

Martin Bilton, Engineering Manager (Utilities) at Gatwick Airport explains the decision to continue and renew with Haven Power: “We followed quite a detailed tendering process and found that Haven Power had a strong commercial offer and was able to supply what we were looking for: renewable electricity. Haven Power also helps us with day-to-day billing and budgeting. Since then, we’ve renewed twice because they manage the basics – including the complexities of our billing – very well, and support our day-to-day operations.”

Decarbonisation and diversification

The airport’s latest electricity supply deal involves a power purchase agreement through Haven Power, for 50% biomass and 50% wind generated electricity. Rachel Thompson, Sustainability Manager, Gatwick Airport explains the decision to purchase certified renewable electricity as “one way we can contribute to the diversification of the UK energy system. It’s decarbonisation as well as diversification, which is important for resilience in the system.”

Paul Sheffield, Chief Operating Officer at Haven Power, adds: “Businesses are more aware than ever about environmental impacts and sustainability targets, and how these can influence reputation and financial performance. As a result, an increasing number of organisations, across all sectors, are looking deeper into the benefits that renewable electricity can offer. We hope to see more businesses following the lead of Gatwick Airport.”

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