Rentaload load bank technology integrated into EkkoSoft Critical

EkkoSense has signed a partnership with Rentaload load bank technology into its Critical SaaS M&E Capacity Planning solution

EkkoSense and Rentaload originally announced a partnership in November 2018, and following their collaboration Rentaload’s load bank functionality is now fully integrated with EkkoSoft Critical and available now. The solution is already in place at several data centre sites across Europe.

Pierre-Luc Barbe, Rentaload’s General Manager said: “From day one we recognised the power of EkkoSoft Critical – for both real-time and simulation / risk management uses. Our customers use load banks to simulate capacity increases, and they find EkkoSoft Critical’s ability to demonstrate loads as part of their broader data centre activities a great way of optimising their risk management strategy. It’s great that we’ve now completed our technical integration with EkkoSense, and we look forward to now offering the solution to more customers across Europe.”

Rentaload offers a portfolio of smart electrical load bank solutions for testing resistive loads for initial data centre commissioning (Level 4 and IST Commissioning Tests) and deployment. Designed for server room power acceptance testing during the building, renovation or maintenance of data centres, Rentaload’s rack-mounted load bank solutions provide highly accurate insight into a data centre’s functionality under normal operating conditions. EkkoSoft Critical is the first M&E SaaS software platform to offer a practical and cost-effective way for organisations to achieve real time visibility of their critical data centre heartbeat data. Because of this, EkkoSense’s intuitive SaaS offering provides an entirely complementary solution to the Rentaload proposition.

“Applying Rentaload’s proven load bank technology is a great way for organisations to test the actual future load of their data centres, and ensure whether their initial power and cooling provision is adequate and compliant,” added EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle. “Integrating with EkkoSoft Critical provides a great value add for Rentaload’s existing customers, while our joint proposition opens up new opportunities across Europe for both our organisations, particularly those looking for greater insight into their data centre power, cooling and space performance.”


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