Riello UPS rewrites rules of flexible power with new Sentryum range


Leading standby power specialist Riello UPS has launched its third generation of transformerless UPS systems.

The new Sentryum series comes in 10-15-20 kVA models and combines efficiency and performance in a compact footprint which maximises battery autonomy in a single cabinet. Offering outstanding online double conversion UPS protection, the Sentryum is perfect for small data centres and similar mission-critical sites.

Sentryum range

It builds on Riello UPS’s best-selling Multi Sentry range, with a reduced number of components and cables that minimises the space required and makes for easier maintenance.

Flexibility Of Three Frame Choices

The Sentryum offers three cabinet sizes to allow for a variety of battery runtimes:

  • Compact (CPT)– ideal for space-restricted environments. Houses 1 battery string in a footprint less than 0.25m2
  • Active (ACT)– houses up to 2 internal battery strings in a footprint less than 0.35m2
  • Xtend (XTD)– houses up to 3 internal battery strings in a footprint less than 0.4m2

What Does The Sentryum Offer Mission-Critical Sites?

  • Power Availability:full-rated power (pf 1 kVA = kW)
  • Superb Scalability:increase capacity or redundancy by running up to 8 UPS in parallel
  • Robust Reliability:unique control system reduces harmonics; high overload and short circuit capacity
  • Exceptional Efficiency:up to 96.5% in online mode
  • Unequalled Usability:large touchscreen display; intuitive LED indicator that changes colour based on UPS operating status
  • Fantastic Functionality:wide range of operating modes (Online, ECO, Smart Active, Standby Off, Frequency Converter)
  • Input Versatility:choice of single-phase/three-phase input, single-phase output or three-phase input and output

See what the Sentryum can offer your mission-critical site

Setting New Standards

In addition to providing quality products like the Sentryum, which combine engineering excellence and reliable performance with exceptional energy efficiency, the company also offers a complete range of installation, service, and maintenance support packages, coupled with technical and pre/post sales advice.

Riello UPS maintenance contracts set the industry standard, offering bespoke coverage along with guaranteed emergency response and fix times. The company has a large stockholding of UPS systems and spare parts, with a purpose-built warehouse and strategically-placed nationwide hubs. This allows customers to benefit from next-day and even same-day delivery.



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