Scalable UPS systems with low cost of ownership and long life


185851i_1GEPOSponsored post: GE has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of UPS systems and so an expandable UPS system from GE may not sound like new technology! However, the new TLE Scalable UPS from GE gives a new dimension to the UPS market. It delivers reliable, power- scalable UPS systems with low total cost of ownership and long life. The TLE Scalable is available from 40 kW, vertically scalable to 120 kW per cabinet and horizontally scalable to 720 kW. The TLE Series operates in VFI On-Line mode and is designed to meet the growing demand for longer life and lower annual costs.

How does it work?

The TLE Series is designed with serviceability in mind. To extend its operational lifetime, TLE Scalable offers easily replaceable consumable parts for a longer life with constant reliability. Instead of costly power modules as back up on the shelf and high material repair costs, the TLE Scalable provides effective remote diagnostics and on-site repair of almost any component resulting in lower repair costs. Replacing expensive and cumbersome power modules is not required, thus avoiding high material costs and logistical problems. The TLE Scalable UPS is equipped with connectors at the front and ventilation is through the top. This means the UPS can be installed in tight spaces needing only front and top access without compromising on capability, durability or service access. Our local service teams are available 24/7 to offer the support that you need.

High efficiency

The UPS is designed around digital control of a three-level inverter technology, offering a very high efficiency, especially at lower loads. The TLE Scalable UPS is optimized for the most common load range of 50 to 75%, with an efficiency performance of over 95%. GE’s unique RPA ™ (Redundant Parallel Architecture) offers unparalleled reliability and availability which means that even during maintenance and serious disruptions to the security of your critical equipment, your load is fully supported.

A very complete and modern system

Each TLE Scalable UPS is equipped with the unique PMAD package (Preventative Maintenance Advanced Diagnostics) which warns of imminent failure and thus reduces downtime. “Waveform Capture” and “capacitor diagnostic monitoring ‘are also included to simplify and speed-up repairs. The TLE Scalable is provided with a magnetic switch for the prevention of back power supply ( “back-feed protection “), a feature which is lacking in many alternatives or is limited to a signal that requires external or optional components.

The TLE Scalable is also equipped with a manual bypass, which reduces the need for additional external switchgear to perform maintenance and repairs, thus reducing any associated risks. The TLE Scalable technology takes its lead from the successful TLE series UPS systems which is already available from 160kW to 800 kW UPS modules and up to 4,800 kW in Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) mode.

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