Schneider: Data overload means remote monitoring has to step up


klaxonModern data centre power and cooling infrastructure has three times the data points and notifications than ten years ago. Remote monitoring systems were never designed to cope with that level of data monitoring, let alone extract value from the data, according to Schneider Electric.

In a new white paper, the firm outlines the factors shaping service requirements – and what they mean for data centre operations and maintenance.

Despite data centres playing a key role in big data, machine learning and the digital economy, data centre maintenance technology has not kept pace, the firm argues.

Within the paper, Schneider Electric says it sees seven technology trends influencing data centre monitoring: Embedded system performance and cost improvements; cyber security; cloud computing; big data analytics; mobile computing; machine learning and; automation for labour efficiency. The firm outlines how it sees that happening – and advises on what data centre operators should consider when reviewing their own digital remote monitoring capabilities.

Download the paper for free here.

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