Schneider Electric and HPE collaborate on solution for micro data centres


_resource_images_salestools_High_Front_Left_7D918E1297FE239285257E4A0062BAF6_SMUA_9XEHKF_f_h_hiSchneider Electric has announced it has collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on HPE Micro Datacenter. The collaboratively engineered converged infrastructure solution provides end-to-end IT infrastructure, networking, storage and management in a single, self-contained and easy-to-deploy architecture ideal for distributed IT environments.

Schneider Electric is leveraging its SmartBunker FX, an integrated and secure enclosure with UPS, power distribution, cooling and monitoring, with HPE storage, network and compute solutions to create HPE Micro Datacenter, a custom-designed and integrated architecture that supports edge environments. Customers can reduce latency and quickly add capacity while providing a secure and easy to manage remote data centre environment.

“The growing quantity of data – due in part to the growth of IoT and connected devices – is having a transformational effect on the data center market and the technologies needed to support it,” said Kevin Brown, CTO, Schneider Electric – IT Division. “As data is becoming increasingly impactful to data center performance and business success, edge computing has emerged as a compelling solution to reduce latency, meet IoT processing needs and deliver greater availability and reliability. Micro data centres provide a turnkey solution for edge deployments, complete with all the necessary IT and compute components to meet new data growth requirements and deliver connectivity demand.”

The software-defined HPE Micro Datacenter utilises cloud-enabled HPE Converged Systems and Hyper Converged, as well as IoT HPE Edgeline Solutions. Ranging in size between 23U and 42U, the enhanced solution, built within the Schneider Electric SmartBunker FX, incorporates IT with 1N and 2N power and cooling, environmental and security monitoring in a single-delivery platform.


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