Shake-up of UPS maintenance promises

Leo Craig, general manager at Riello.

Riello UPS has announced a new maintenance plan that promises not just an emergency response within a set timeframe but also a guaranteed fix time.

The Diamond UPS maintenance package, launched at Data Centre World, commits to having a certified UPS engineer on a customer’s site within four hours of an emergency being reported plus a guaranteed fix inside a further eight hours, to offer customers ultimate insurance against damaging downtime, while also providing a much-needed shake-up for the sector.

Riello UPS general manager Leo Craig explained: “There are far too many ‘ifs and buts’ with UPS maintenance contracts at the moment; lofty promises that often don’t live up to expectations, with a lack of clarity over what’s covered or hugely restrictive terms and conditions. In many cases the contracts benefit the provider more than the customer. Unethical practice is a strong accusation to make. But unfortunately, that’s what has been going on across much of the sector. It’s completely unacceptable and it’s something we’ll continue to take a stand against.”


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