Short-depth smart-UPS with Li-ion


Schneider Electric has announced the availability of 230V models of its short-depth APC Smart-UPS line interactive UPS Lithium-ion battery technology models for European markets. With increased digitisation and growing demands for data and connectivity, IT systems are being deployed closer to where data is generated, processed and consumed – edge computing.The new versions make Lithium-ion battery back-up technology an economic solution for edge computing applications.

The APC Smart-UPS models meet a range of challenges such as limited space and mixed-use areas for IT systems, requirements for ease of installation, access and maintenance, together with demands for compact and lightweight infrastructure equipment with lower need for maintenance.  Designed to deliver resilient power protection for IT equipment and network devices, Schneider claims the APC Smart-UPS line interactive models are able to deliver increased battery life for lower Total Cost Ownership (TCO). The company states that Li-ion technology offers up to 50% savings compared with a UPS using Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries.

“Placing critical applications at the network edge presents IT operators with significant new challenges including management of greater numbers of equipment in locations that aren’t optimised for IT and lack on-site support,” said Rob McKernan, senior vice president, secure power division, Europe. “At the same time, power availability continues to play a crucial role and downtime has an immediate impact on business. New APC Smart-UPS with Lithium-ion meets these challenges, providing resilient power protection with cloud-enabled remote management for edge computing environments.”

APC Smart-UPS line Interactive range includes 500, 750, 1000 & 1500VA models with high power factor output. Options include 1U Rack / Tower / Wall Mount (500VA) and 2U & 3U Rack mount (750, 1000, 1500VA which are short-depth, lightweight and cloud-enabled for easy remote monitoring. The new UPSs combine green mode for up to 97% efficiency, with network grade power, automatic voltage regulation AVR) and surge protection.They are offered with a full 5-year warranty covering electronics and batteries.

The new 230V Short-depth APC Smart-UPS Line Interactive models will be available during Q1 2020.


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