Siemens to harness AI to improve cooling efficiency


The Siemens Building Technologies Division is expanding its existing Thermal Optimisation offering set for data centres to intelligently ensure both highly efficient cooling production and cooling distribution throughout the entire facility. To improve the way cooling is distributed throughout data centre “white space,” Siemens is integrating Vigilent’s artificial intelligence-based dynamic cooling management solution into its data centre portfolio. Siemens will leverage Vigilent’s real-time data analysis capabilities to dynamically match cooling to IT load in server rooms. In addition, Siemens strengthened its strategic partnership with Vigilent by becoming a minority shareholder.

Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Building Technologies, states: “Siemens works with data centre managers around the world to enhance the performance of their buildings via a wide range of facility improvement measures and services such as Demand Flow for Chiller Plant Optimisation. Our partnership with Vigilent represents an important expansion of these capabilities and a prime example of our commitment to digitalisation within the building industry.”

Partnering with Vigilent will expand Siemens’ Thermal Optimisation offering set which holistically improves data centres including the cooling plant and the white space. For data centre operations, this represents a considerable reduction in energy consumption while increasing nominal cooling capacity and ensuring data centre reliability. Moving forward the two companies will also jointly develop new solutions and address the data centre market globally.

“Vigilent has pioneered the use of machine learning to optimise thermal environments in data centres,” says Dave Hudson, CEO of Vigilent. “By combining our solutions with Siemens, we can expand our value and reach mission-critical facilities across the globe.”


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