Smart controlled office lighting cuts glare and energy use


In this sponsored post, Sylvania says its new smart controlled office lighting delivers huge benefits in glare rating and energy usage. 

Sylvania has extended its smart office lighting offering with the launch of Sylvania Optix. With a modular design, it delivers high performance optics, guaranteed low glare and improved energy efficiency levels.

Optix features high performance glare-controlled optics with optimised diffusers and reflectors, meaning that it both meets and exceeds UGR<19, with options for UGR<16 with aluminised optics. It also provides 147 lm/W making it very energy efficient.

Optix is designed with a modular architecture which allows for quick customisation and is available in either recessed or surface mounted configurations. It provides business owners greater flexibility in both design and control.

Optix is available in different optical lines and configurations and comes in four different sizes. The flexibility in design allows for the ultimate customisation to meet each business’s needs.

Available in varying lumen output levels and with a three hour emergency option if required, Optix delivers significant energy savings, helping to achieve <4W/m2 building energy consumption.

This is because, in addition to being DALI dimmable compatible for better ambience, it provides SylSmart Connected Building functionality – an intelligent, de-centralised lighting control system, enabling businesses to manage their lighting to make significant energy savings through granular control of each luminaire, based on usage, presence and natural daylight.

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