Digitisation of energy: The future of power monitoring


Sponsored content: Socomec outlines how its latest power monitoring technologies are delivering smarter buildings and facilities with sustainable and intelligent energy solutions. The firm also invites readers to a free Mission Critical power seminar at the end of the month at the IoD, London.

Equipped for the smart facilities of today – and tomorrow – Socomec’s product developments are connecting the world of energy with the digital revolution to help reduce installation costs and improve performance levels, securing power and making energy management simple across critical applications.

Transformational change

The digital industrial revolution is creating a new breed of electrical ecosystem. The drive towards common digital architecture is maximising the potential value of the IoT – the result is unsurpassed efficiency including the benefits of more automated, centralised systems.

Global power management expert, Socomec, is driving a stream of innovation in this field – specifically engineered to guarantee the performance of the new electrical ecosystem.

Smart and Connected

For smart and connected energy management, it is now possible to more precisely monitor protective devices – remotely and in real time – across the entire electrical installation – without any wiring or additional equipment.

Socomec’s Diris A40 and Diris Digiware metering and monitoring solutions guarantee the availability and safety of the electrical installation, whilst also monitoring performance, checking power quality and managing loads.

With the simplest possible integration, the Diris A40 is easy to fit within new and existing installations. Assisted configuration and error detection cuts the commissioning time by half whilst also guaranteeing the accuracy of the measurements. Furthermore, the connection to the Cloud means that data can be automatically exported for remote processing.

The future of power monitoring has now been reinvented, with three additional new technologies available with both the Diris D40 and Diris Digiware systems for higher levels of accuracy.

  • PreciSense guarantees measurement accuracy across the global measurement chain regardless of the load profile. Trust in the measurements allows you to determine relevant corrective actions.
  • VirtualMonitor provides remote access for the real-time monitoring of protective devices, across the entire installation, without additional hardware or wiring.
  • AutoCorrect will guarantee that the measurement system is working correctly, with automatic wiring control and error correction, also being available off-load.

Focus on: VirtualMonitor – track the status of protective devices without additional wiring

When a protective device trips it means that a process or a system has been unexpectedly shut down. This can rapidly escalate into a crisis if the load is critical to life safety or economically essential.

Monitoring the status of a protective device is traditionally done using the auxiliary contact of the circuit breaker or a fuse blown indication system. These signals are then wired back to a PLC outstation adding more hardware and manufacturing time.

Status change immediately detected

Today Socomec offers VirtualMonitor technology. Our latest iTR retrofit current sensors and Digiware S Monobloc current module are able to detect that a protective device has been opened and alert the site team over the associated meter’s communication bus. The status change is detected immediately and an alarm can be generated and shared.

The system can even differentiate between a trip due to a fault and a manual opening or tripping of the protective device so that the site teams knows if they need to investigate further.

The Digiware S brings this technology down to the final circuit (MCB level) where it was previously impossible to monitor an auxiliary contact.

VirtualMonitor marks a major step forward in metering, removing additional hardware and wiring while retaining or enhancing the client’s visibility of their electrical installation.

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