SP Energy Networks looks to flexibility for future distribution network operation


SP Energy Networks has awarded Opus One Solutions a contract to develop a Distribution System Operator (DSO) platform to test the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) flexibility market model as part of a £5.7million investment to trial innovative ways to operate the electricity distribution network.

This is an integral part of Project FUSION – part of SP Energy Networks’ vision to deliver a better future, quicker for its customers – and could, in the future, allow participating customers to generate additional income by agreeing to be flexible with their energy usage.

The project will see external companies acting on behalf of customers to trade their electricity demand and supply ‘flexibility’ in a new digital marketplace.

Opus One Solutions has been awarded the contract to test and develop the flexibility trading platform for Project FUSION, supporting SP Energy Networks as it continues to manage its networks in a more intelligent way.

In practice, Project FUSION will allow people to secure additional income from being flexible with their energy usage or generation.

Michael Green, senior innovation engineer at SP Energy Networks, said, “Project FUSION will trial a world-leading, online platform, which will make better use of existing electricity infrastructure by ensuring its capacity is used to maximum efficiency.

“Working with Opus One Solutions is an exciting milestone in Project FUSION as we trial innovative flexibility solutions that could add great value to our customers by accelerating connections and deferring costly reinforcements.

“Ultimately, the smarter use of our networks allows us to respond efficiently to the growing challenges placed upon them, which is critical as we move towards an electric future for transport and heat to help achieve the UK’s ambitious net zero goals. We’re pleased to be working with Opus One Solutions to help make this happen.”

Hari Suthan, chief of strategic growth and sales for Opus One Solutions, said, “Opus One is honoured to partner with SP Energy Networks to develop and test a marketplace that democratises the energy system with a model of flexibility market that has the potential to be a standard for Europe.”

The Project FUSION trials will take place in St Andrews and Leuchars in Fife until December 2023.

The test will enable SP Energy Networks to ensure the system is simple to use so that there is opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the new technology.


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