Glastonbury-based Sparks Transport has taken delivery of a Volvo FM Electric truck after a successful period trialling its local Volvo dealer’s electric demonstrator.

Supplied by Truck and Bus Wales and West, the new vehicle will be mainly used to deliver Refresco beverages to Tesco stores.

The new FM Electric is powered by three electrical motors which generate 666 hp and 2,400 Nm of continuous torque.

It is equipped with the maximum six batteries, unlocking a driving range of about 300 km.

An onboard electromobility traction control system helps manage output on slippery surfaces, while different drive modes are available to set the desired performance, comfort, and energy usage levels.

The vehicle also utilises Volvo’s standard I-Shift gearbox, which constantly evaluates information about speed, weight, road grade and torque demand.

It has a charging time of 2.5 hours with a 250kW DC charger, or 9.5 hours on a 43kW AC charger.

The battery can also be charged more quickly up to 80% capacity mid-shift, in the same way as a smartphone, because the charger slows down towards the end of the process to protect the battery cells.

Sparks Transport has taken out a five-year Volvo Gold Contract covering all maintenance and repairs, including proactive monitoring of batteries and associated components.

The new truck joins a 93-strong commercial fleet, and, working up to six days a week, it is expected to complete as much as 90,000 km annually.

Jonathan Sparks, Managing Director, Sparks Transport, said, “Sustainability is central to our business plan, so it is hugely exciting to be able to welcome our first heavy duty electric truck.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the real-world results across the coming years.”


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