St Albans City and District Council invest in Goodlight LED panels to transform office lighting


St Albans City and District Council has completed phase one of a project to replace fluorescent tubes within its 6000 m² office building with long life, energy efficient LED panels from the LED Eco Lights Goodlight range.

Following a successful pilot scheme, a rolling programme commenced to replace the fluorescent lights in the office sections with Goodlight LED panels. According to Candice Luper, Sustainability Projects Officer at St Albans City and District Council, “The response to the pilot was positive and staff were impressed with the quality of lighting. The old fluorescent lighting, particularly in the winter months gave poor illumination causing eye strain, whereas the new Goodlight LED lighting gives an even light distribution throughout the whole office which more closely resembles daytime outdoor light. It has improved working conditions for the staff.”

LED Eco Lights supplied St Albans City and District Council with Goodlight Eco LED ceiling panels that draw just 28W giving a direct energy saving of 60%. They are designed to slot into an existing ceiling grid with ease, are guaranteed for five years and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Candice Luper explained, “Based on energy savings alone, we have calculated the Council will save just under £16,000 per year in electricity and lighting replacement costs, and therefore achieve full payback in three years. In addition to this, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 38 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.” 

Installation of the LED ceiling panels was carried out over the weekends to limit disruption to the staff. The Council selected 600x600mm LED panels in 4,000K, natural white colour temperature. The next phase will be to replace the existing fluorescent lights in the bathrooms, stairways and kitchens to achieve maximum energy saving.

Commenting on the success of the project, Philip Edgecombe, commercial director at LED Eco Lights, said, “We are delighted to support another local authority with its conversion to LED lighting. Our Goodlight range ticked all the boxes – efficiency, maintenance reduction, ultra-long lifespans and value for money. Another project delivered without fuss, to budget and on time.”

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