Ahead of this month’s number plate change, new figures released by Auto Trader, has revealed that 62% of car buyers are not aware of the new green number plates for EVs.

The recent spike in electric vehicle registrations has led to an expected boom in the number of green plates – launched by the government in December 2020 – seen on cars around the UK.

In Auto Trader’s latest car buyer survey, when asked if they were to buy an electric car, would they want a green number plate, 50% of buyers said yes. 

Once green number plates had been explained to them, 61% said they would be proud to display one on their car.

However, one in five (18%) said they would still never consider buying an electric car.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is forecasting a 59% rise in registrations of purely electric vehicles in 2021, pushing its market share up to 9.5% – making one in every 10 new registrations electric.

Auto Trader spokesman Rory Reid said: “Since green plates were launched in December 2020 as an easy identifier for zero-emission vehicles, pick up of these has started to grow, albeit slowly. 

“As they are not yet compulsory, not all zero-emissions cars will have them, especially if they were on the roads before 2020.

“Remember that if you have a fully zero-emissions car – hybrids not included – then you can apply to the DVLA for a green number plate. 

“And if you’re buying a brand new electric car ready for the September plate change, then you can ask the dealership to supply one instead of a regular number plate.”


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