Sweden to develop energy efficient data centre of the future


The EU research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, has awarded a three-year innovation project in Northern Sweden. The aim is to prototype the most energy and cost-efficient data centre in the world.

The demand of data centre capacity is constantly growing and at the same time the minimisation of environmental impact is crucial. The mission of the project is to drive development as far as possible to meet and unify these conditions. The solution offers a sustainable data centre building which is energy and resource efficient throughout its lifecycle, cheaper to build and operate and brings jobs and knowledge to remote places in large parts of Europe.

The 500kW prototype facility will be an experimental lab and demonstration site, as it will be tested by providers and end-users in a real operation environment with all aspects of its operations measured. Project stakeholders will validate feasibility, energy efficiency and usability of the prototype, as well as developing predictive models to aid in future planning and deployment of the concept.”

Limited colocation space is available for end-users that are willing to take part in the research experience.



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