TEC managing director named Energy Champion of 2017

Winner: TEC boss Richard Murphy (middle).

Education and public sector-focused energy consortium TEC celebrates its latest award win in this sponsored post.

“We are delighted to announce our managing director Richard Murphy has been awarded Energy Champion of the Year at the 2017 Energy Awards. This is another huge achievement for Richard and TEC after winning the Energy Buying Team of the Year at the 2016 awards.

“The award recognises individuals who have made an evident impact on the energy industry. Richard’s colleagues submitted the award on his behalf to demonstrate his dedication to both TEC and the wider sector. The submission emphasised Richards experience and knowledge in the energy market in his 27 years in the industry. It also highlighted how Richard, when at CCS, was a key member of the team which established a compliant and efficient approach to buying energy in the public sector. This was just one example of how Richard has brought about positive change in the sector.

“The submission particularly underlined the great work Richard has carried out since taking up the post of MD at TEC transforming it into the member focused organisation it is today. The restructuring work which, among other things, insourced the energy trading function and also brought in energy experts has enabled TEC to deliver member-focussed compliant energy frameworks which are truly ground-breaking. The implementation of TEC’s flexible frameworks, a project Richard led, ensured the final offering to members was effective and efficient and was key to winning the 2016 award.

“The submission for this year’s award not only demonstrated the work Richard has carried out in the energy industry but also was filled with a range of quotes from past and present colleagues and customers. Passion, enthusiasm, keen educator and dedication were just a handful of positive words used to describe Richard. Ian Lane from The University of the Arts London and TEC Board member commented;

Richard has successfully led The Energy Consortium from preferred buyer status to Strategic Partner in the Higher Education sector. He is an innovative thinker who understands how a member-led organisation, such as TEC, should operate and has a very clear understanding of what ‘good’ looks like. As a collaborator, Richard understands the education sector, our future challenges, and has keen key in helping over 85 organisations navigate their way through to cost effective and compliant energy purchasing.”

Richard commented:

“Those of us who devote our efforts to delivering the best for our teams, customers and the public purse do so without expecting awards or praise. To receive this was both a shock and an honour. I would not be able to have met my own high standards without great teams around me so it is as much recognition for them as it is for me.”

“Winning this award is a great achievement for Richard and the TEC Team as a whole, and it brings external recognition that Public Buying Organisations really can compete, innovate and make a real difference to the absolute benefit of the public purse.”

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