Technology leaders gather to discuss ‘evolution of the digital age’

Dean Nelson, head of Uber Compute

There was an impressive turn-out at the one-off keynote address on The Evolution of the Digital Age organised by CNet Training and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, with two of the world’s most influential technology leaders, Dean Nelson from Uber Compute and Russell Poole from Equinix UK.

The keynote address kicked-off the official ‘bootcamp’ for the students of the world’s first and only Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management, originated by CNet and delivered with Anglia Ruskin University.  The elite list of students, comprising top professionals within the global data centre sector, travel from across the world to attend a three-day educational and inspirational experience, which also provides the opportunity to network with others on the Masters Degree.

Russell Poole from Equinix UK

Andrew Stevens, CEO of CNet, provided the introduction followed by Russell Poole, managing director of Equinix UK. Russell highlighted the rapid pace of progression with the digital infrastructure industry with the on-going creation of huge volumes of data from all the devices we have today and how quickly it has progressed from the boxy desktop computers to the power we all carry around with us in the form of smart phones and other devices.  He spoke of the future digital interconnection needed to process and store this data, especially with more enterprises moving to the cloud.

Dean, head of Uber Compute, offered an insight into his career to date and how he has progressed up the technology ladder. He also discussed the need to look at the technology from a business perspective, to speak business language and ensure personnel within facilities understand the cost implications and benefits associated with the recommended technological advances that are needed to shape, support and continue to progress the business.

Both Russell and Dean also mentioned the importance of people, from the perspective of focusing on people culture.  Equinix have 180 data centres throughout the world, Russell commented “Culture is everything to Equinix and it is the reason why we have been successful.”

Andrew Stevens commented: “I am delighted that global technology leaders Dean and Russell accepted our invitation to deliver the keynote in support of the Masters Degree. Their speeches were very well received and allowed degree students to benefit from one-to-one conversations with them.  I believe uniting technology professionals is a must to protect the future of the data centre sector and in support of the unprecedented growth we are seeing, we must plan for 100x growth and more.  With this in mind it is so importance for us all to share experiences and come together to address issues such as the skills shortage and ensure the human aspect of data centres remains a focus now and in the future.”

The next Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management enrolment is in September, for more details see


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