The energy market fairy tale, and how you can avoid the nightmares


Cielo Energy provides businesses of all sizes expert commercially focussed consultancy advice and support on the energy market.  We work with companies from energy suppliers and generators to major consumers and tech businesses to offer cost effective support.

The energy market fairy tale, and how you can avoid the nightmares with Cielo Energy.

Once upon a time there was an energy market…

Wholesale prices were volatile, the market rules were complicated, and there were lots of non-commodity costs that were nothing to do with energy but had to be paid.  Very few people seemed to really understand it, even many of those offering advice on it.  They took concepts from trading markets and developed tools to advise people that made it seem like everything was under control, but it wasn’t.

Complex reports showing strange 3 letter acronyms like VAR came into play, along with charts showing candlesticks and Bollinger bands and the like; and although nobody at the board table understood them, they nodded sagely each month when energy was discussed, and it all seemed to be OK- the risks were being well managed it seemed.

Then along came Covid, followed by the global supply chain issues and invasion of Ukraine – and things went a bit wrong.  Energy prices went crazy and simply nodding along at the board meeting didn’t make sense anymore – questions had to be asked about what was really going on.  But where could properly informed independent advice be found?

Advice built around your wider business objectives

Cielo Energy is not a broker, and offers advice built on knowledge gained from being around the energy markets for as long as they have existed, getting into the nitty gritty of managing energy exposures so you don’t have to.

If you want to avoid the nightmares that the energy market can deliver, the 40 Day: Power, Profit and Performance Programme is built around delivering a bespoke approach that works with your wider business objectives – no gimics, no complex jargon: just cost-effective bespoke advice and support based on delivering energy that matches your wider business priorities.  There’s no need to go to a new broker or supplier, we just make you a fully informed customer that knows what it needs.

Where do we start…

With your needs – what do you want from energy, and why?  Imagine there was no energy market, and your business just needed to either sell (or buy) to satisfy its energy needs.  What would you want? Over what period? Why?

We have all the data and capability you would expect, but the starting point is a conversation – and if you need a trading desk to deliver what you need, we’d be happy to recommend that.

For more information or a confidential discussion get in touch or click here to download more information.


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