The EV Fleet Metrics Matrix: A reporting framework for fleet managers


The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to digitisation, as it became critical to manage vehicles remotely through fleet management software. This led to an abundance of data, with the potential to inform both the daily running of a fleet as well as its long-term performance and operating costs.

However, for the average commercial fleet with telematics, the sheer scale of the data mountain could be hindering rather than enhancing decision-making. So how can fleet managers start unpacking this data to get actionable insights?

Implementing some structure is a good place to start. Adopting a reporting framework can help bring a good understanding of the day-to-day minutiae of fleet optimisation, as well as the broader objectives. And both will inform stakeholders about the progress of various EV initiatives.

Objectives will differ from one organisation to another, but here’s a handy metrics matrix for fleet managers to begin using for their reporting framework:

The matrix is split into three main data categories: fleet vehicles, charge points and energy consumption. Fleet managers should monitor each category daily, monthly and quarterly.

  • Fleet vehicles: It’s important to understand if the vehicles are operational, to identify downtime, and to stay alert to the fleet’s running and maintenance costs. Also, are your drivers adhering to the driving behaviours required to maximise EV fleet efficiency?
  • Charge points: Analyse the data relating to usage, availability and costs to better manage the use of charge points by fleet drivers and to optimise charging times.
  • Energy management: Fleet managers must be able to quickly review the consumption per vehicle, and to access site-wide reporting so can forecast and plan for contingencies. Keeping an overview of costs and comparing the savings to ICE vehicles helps provide more context to stakeholders.

This framework is designed to create a dynamic, live reporting system. It should let you gather and analyse the right data and turn it into actionable insights for fleet managers, drivers and other stakeholders.

Drax are experts in fleet electrification and energy. So, whether you’re just on the road to EVs or already have them in your mobility mix, they can give you the information you need to supercharge your journey.

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