Tier Certifications more than triple in the past five years


Uptime Institute has announced it has completed its 1000thcertification and is experiencing substantial growth in all geographies worldwide. Over the past five years, Tier certifications have more than tripled, reflecting the global industry demand for predictable levels of performance.

“The data centre industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. As the world becomes increasingly digital-centric, organisations want to treat data centres as a utility with guaranteed levels of performance and capacity,” said Lee Kirby, president of Uptime Institute. “The Tier Standard continues to be the most recognised and adopted standard for assessing mission critical infrastructure. Its focus on price vs. performance enables organisations to align their IT costs structures with their business service delivery strategies. Our freely available Tier Standards and the associated Operating Standards we publish enable organisations to directly support their business growth through better design, construction, maintenance and optimisation of their data centre facilities.”

“Our intention has always been to make the Tier Standards flexible and adaptable to any new technology that presented itself. So, it’s gratifying to see them accelerate the adoption of technology advancements and major shifts in computing approaches within the data centre industry,” added Pitt Turner, global executive of the Uptime Institute Networks and one of the original authors of the Tier Standards.

Fortrust, a Denver-based data centre solutions provider, operates a colocation facility that holds a Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility and has achieved Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability. “We’ve experienced firsthand how Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards and operational assessments can be a major competitive differentiator for us, increasing the value of our services for our customers and reducing our costs to deliver them,” said Robert McClary, chief operating officer of Fortrust. “The certification process and risk mitigation work we’ve undertaken has dramatically improved our facility’s performance, efficiency and reliability. In fact, we even lowered the risks associated with downtime so significantly that our insurance provider reduced our policy premiums by more than 10 percent.”

Uptime Institute is continuing to expand with the addition of new teams of professional engineering practitioners located in all major regions, along with adding two key senior executives to keep up with client demand. Key new hires include Matt Thoene, senior vice president, global operations and Mark Harris, senior vice president of marketing.  Both individuals bring to the organisation extensive data centre and IT Infrastructure experience along with their core sales and marketing expertise.


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