Time to consider a containerised power solution?


With concerns around energy cost and security as well as growing data volumes, data centre managers must be prepared for every eventuality, despite budget and space constraints. In this sponsored post, Martin Pearce, sales director at Critical Power, says containerised power solutions could be an answer.

Most data centres endeavour to allow for system loading and the potential for system expansion. But budget and space constraints can mean it is difficult to move at the pace that computers, data processing and communications technology are developing.

However, self-contained power solutions can be delivered and installed with all the necessary switch gear and distribution panels to quickly supply uninterruptible power or even provide a fully operational data centre to meet these demands.

Temporary or permanent solution

Every situation is different, and not every environment requires a permanent standby power installation. In some instances a temporary system may be preferable to deliver a resilient clean power supply for a specific project, event or to support the replacement of existing critical power equipment.

Whether temporary or permanent, a containerised power solution or data centre can be delivered and quickly installed to supply essential uninterruptible power and support.

A ‘plug-and-play’ standby power approach

Whatever the intentions, a containerised power solution will deliver a flexible, modular and scalable system. That makes it a realistic option to expanding the critical power capacity, either permanently or for temporary hire on a short, medium or long term basis. Fully weather proofed, space optimising containers are built and tested off site, so they arrive ready to connect and use.

In addition, the compact footprint (either a 20-foot or 40-foot container) means they can be located externally to the plant room, allowing for more of the building to be used for the critical IT infrastructure and limiting alterations to the current site. Their efficiency using the latest technologies means they can actually save energy and reduce operational costs, while being affordable to fit with short or long-term business requirements and budgets.

A standby power system for today, able to react to tomorrow’s needs

Delivering power when and where it is needed, containerised power solutions can be delivered, installed and maintained at any location, guaranteeing against power failure.

You might be seeking a generator of 40 – 500KVA or even a self-contained unit of up to 2MVA backup power. With complete UPS systems of up to 1MVA, the variations are extensive and can actually be built up over time as the business expands.

Integrated air conditioning or natural ventilation cooling systems means that there are no concerns for equipment overheating.  Innovations in sound proofing means they are designed to meet 85 dBA at 1m with 70-80mm rock wool. Extra density and thickness can be added to further control noise levels.

Importantly, they can also be equipped with other essentials such as electrical services, including lighting, power, intruder, fire alarms and fire suppression systems.

Whatever your reasons; Critical Power can work with you to create a custom-made containerised UPS, data centre or generators to offer assured business continuity. The result: a transportable system that can be rapidly redeployed to meet the requirements of your business.

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