Distribution network operator SSEN is seeking partners offering flex services across fifteen zones, in areas spanning the Highlands and southern England as far north as Oxford.

The DNO is seeking tenders for capacity totalling 287 MW, its biggest market-testing exercise yet.   Thirteen of the zones lie north of the Border.

Services on its wish list include Restore, which pays a ‘utilisation only’ reward, and ‘Secure & Dynamic’, offering a ‘availability and utilisation’ payment.  Bids are sought from owners of generation, storage or demand assets exceeding 50kW.

With more low carbon technologies, including electric vehicles, adding to DNOs’ grid connection & management queues, flexibility plays an ever more crucial role in managing network constraints, and supporting smart grid technologies which will ease a cost-effective transition to net zero.

“Flexibility allows us to manage the network cost effectively, which ultimately benefits our customers, said Nisha Doshi, SSEN’s flexibility markets manager. We’re excited to announce this increase in procurement of flexibility services”.

30 April is the DNO’s deadline for submitting prequalification questionnaires.  Locations and more detailed requirements are published one month before tender.   More details from SSEN here.

Between December and January UKPN went to market for a further 500 MW of flex capacity, its biggest ask to date. Its procurement document anticipated demand turn-up deals of over 426MW across 24 network sites, plus cuts in demand by 1,000 or more partners. At the maximum 132kV supply, it offered 158MW of firm and non-firm contracts.    Participation qualifications were a minimum of 10kW per location.


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