Trafford Council planning 100 EV charging bays


Trafford Council is planning 100 new charging bays throughout the borough as part of a big push to encourage drivers to use EVs.

Working with charging infrastructure provider Be.EV, the council is to install 19 more EV charging bays across four sites this month.

These include hubs at Flixton Road, Thorley Lane and Brown Street, plus two rapid charging bays at Longford Park. 

According to Department for Transport figures, quarterly new EV registrations in Trafford have doubled in the space of a year.

Be.EV has been working closely with the EV team at Trafford Council to select and prioritise locations of the new chargers according to where they are most needed – near houses without driveways, for example – and where they can be delivered quickly.

Chris Morris, Trafford Council’s Director of Highways, Transport and Environment said, “Our priorities are to address the climate crisis, as well as to improve people’s health.

“The aim of this roll-out is to create dependable, fair and even access to public EV charging across the borough.

“We don’t just put chargers where current EV drivers live – we are installing bays throughout Trafford so that anyone can go electric, even if they can’t charge at home.

“We are working with the team at Be.EV to find the locations that will make the biggest difference locally. Building bigger hubs that ensure there’s always a free space is part of that strategy.”

Asif Ghafoor, Be.EV CEO said, “We are delighted to have supported Trafford Council with our planning and data expertise and – crucially – with significant capital investment.”


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