Trafford Council to install new EV chargers


Trafford Council is to install 24 EV chargers over the summer in partnership with charging network Be.EV.

Most of the chargers will be rapid or ultra-rapid, which can charge a typical EV to 80% in 20 minutes to an hour.

A total of four of the charging hubs are already switched on and ready for use, at Balmoral Road, James Street, Regent Road and Trafford town hall.

The council will retain ownership of the sites, and the chargers will be installed and maintained by Be.EV with residents benefiting not only from charging but also rental income from the sites.

Trafford Council began working with Be.EV in 2022 to devise an EV charging strategy that would support the needs of the community. Since then, 41 chargers have been installed across the region serving 81 parking bays, with a further 46 chargers in the planning stage.

Asif Ghafoor, CEO of Be.EV, said, “Thanks to progressive local authorities such as Trafford Council, Manchester is leading the North West’s EV transition. Trafford has been a fantastic partner and they’re playing a vital role in supporting the early uptake of electric vehicles.

“Our ongoing partnership with Trafford will see our reliable network of charging hubs continue to expand, and other councils should be taking note. Without this type of commitment from local authorities, we’ll never see a successful transition to electric vehicles.”

Cllr Tom Ross, Leader of Trafford Council, said, “We’re determined to break down the barriers to people going electric and make it possible for anyone in our communities to move away from petrol and the pollution it causes.

“This latest rollout of rapid charging points aims to help anyone who has been stopped from swapping to electric because they couldn’t charge at home.”


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