Triodos Bank has been named as the most active clean energy lead arranger by total number of deals in the past year. The bank acted on 140 deals in 2022, with a total deal value of over half a billion US dollars ($504 million), incorporating traditional renewables such as onshore wind, solar and hydro, alongside EV charging, battery storage and energy efficiency projects.

The independent analyst Clean Energy Pipeline has tracked and collated the activity of major financial institutions to create a league table of the top clean energy arrangers, focusing on their deal flow in 2022. The report aims to showcase the top lead arrangers in the clean energy sector, highlighting the number of deals that banks help to finance, as well as the total deal value in the renewable energy project finance sector.

Jacco Minnaar, CCO at Triodos Bank, said, “It has been clear to us for decades that energy systems need to shift from being fossil-based and large scale to clean energy that is accessible and affordable for everyone. Financial institutions such as banks have a critical role to play in committing to this transition to a low-carbon and more energy efficient future.

“Triodos Bank financed the first wind turbine in the Netherlands in 1986 and now has many years of unique experience in renewable energy finance. We provide funding to small and mid-sized projects that are often community-based and that many other banks might not be prepared to look at. These will be critical to creating resilient and balanced energy generation systems that are sustainable and fair.”

The Clean Energy Pipeline analysis included lending and corporate finance from the retail banking arm of Triodos Bank NV, and investments made by Triodos Investment Management. Some notable transactions for the bank in 2022 included the construction of the largest solar thermal park in the Netherlands, community energy and e-bike infrastructure projects in the UK and photovoltaic solar plants in Spain.


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