UK Power Networks to trial Faraday Grid’s self balancing technology


UK Power Networks is to trial new technology that aims to create intelligent, self balancing power grids.

The distribution network operator has signed a deal with Faraday Grid, which set up shop in the UK late last year. Its mission is to create “fit for purpose” energy systems that can accommodate large volumes of decentralised, intermittent generation without collapsing, according to chief executive Andrew Scobie.

That vision of the future revolves around an energy grid that uses its Faraday Exchangers – power flow control devices that autonomously maintain voltage, frequency and power factor efficiently. The company is trying to convince grid operators that these ‘smart’ exchangers – which it says will automatically smooth intermittency and volatility – will help balance their networks at lower cost while enabling greater levels of decentralised renewable generation.

UKPN will deploy the exchangers for live testing in spring 2019. The network operator’s head of innovation, Ian Cameron, said “Faraday’s technology has the potential to be transformational for distribution networks and the wider energy system”, with the company now moving from theory to real world testing.

The technology is aligned to our ambition to become an energy platform business,” added Cameron.

Faraday Grid is backed by Canadian renewables developer and investor, Amp.

Read more about its plans and technology here.

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