University of Reading hits 40% decarbonisation target


The University of Reading says it has reduced its carbon footprint 40% in around ten years – and should hit 45% by 2021.

Dan Fernbank, the university’s energy and sustainability manager, said students, staff and the community expect environmental leadership.

“With a large and evolving estate, there is always more work to be done and we will continue to run a strong sustainability programme to deliver lasting change,” he said. “We’re committed to embracing new and innovative ways to help the University wipe out its carbon footprint.”

Over the last year, the university has extended its district heating scheme and added further solar PV across the campus. It has also introduced an app that rewards staff for taking environmental actions. Meanwhile a furniture and equipment recycling scheme has saved around £100k over two years.

Fernbank added (via Twitter) that the university has cut waste produced per person by 17% in the last three years, with only 1% of waste going to landfill.

He said one of the tasks for the year ahead is to gauge how the university’s energy centre, which provides heat and power to 16 buildings, might be decarbonised.

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