Unknown pleasures: Solid-oxide generation yields low-carbon electrochemical volts for North West firms


An independent arm of DNO Electricity North West today announced collaboration plans with US partners to bring innovative behind-the-meter (BtM) generation to the region’s commercial customers.

Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Limited opens its order books in December for innovative solid-oxide generation supplied by Californians Bloom Energy.

Bloom’s non-combustion energy servers combine air, biogas, hydrogen, or natural gas to create electricity through an electrochemical process at high efficiency and without combustion. Savings in carbon emissions, pollutants and water use are promised.

When hydrogen or biogas are the fuel source, the partners say, the energy servers can deliver on-site, zero-carbon electricity around the clock.

Electricity North West (Construction and Maintenance) Ltd is its parent DNO’s service provider across private networks.  Already maintaining assets for 1,000 or so companies, ENW(C&M) will lead on installations for commercial and industrial customers.

“Bloom Energy’s technology is distinctly capable of helping the UK meet its 2050 net-zero carbon goals,” claimed Tim Schweikert, the US firm’s senior managing director for international business.

“We are proud to enter the UK market through our collaboration with Conrad Energy and Electricity North West Construction and Maintenance”, Schweikert added. “We can help the region’s pursuit of making clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions a reality.”

“Being able to offer this highly innovate fuel cell technology from Bloom Energy is a fantastic opportunity for ENWCML and for our customers,” said Jim Hallas, customer solutions director, ENWCML.

“We want to be a UK leader in the race to reduce carbon emissions and help our customers achieve energy cost security, whilst preparing for the hydrogen economy.  This technology offering manages to do all three in one go.”

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