Unleashing the full potential of digitalisation with Construction 4.0


An Increasingly Digitalised World

Many industries are going through a new digital revolution, and the UK’s energy sector is not exempt, particularly when implementing construction projects. As demand for more renewables must be met, including mega-projects in the nuclear sector (both New Era sites and decommissioning), it can feel like the market is flooded with catchy new phrases and buzzwords, but which ones should close attention be paid to?

With 5G roll-out getting nearer, and AI or VR now commonplace terminology, the lines between physical projects and their digital worlds are becoming more blurred, with expectation being that eventually man and machine will be able to communicate seamlessly. Although this sounds more at home in science-fiction, it’s a reality we are already living in. We have capability to control our homes remotely, from smart meters to security. We live in an age where self-driving cars are not a pipe dream but are being perfected.

What is Construction 4.0?

Construction 4.0 is a branch of Industry 4.0, referring to the world’s fourth industrial revolution and centres around the digitalisation of many industries, from manufacturing to construction. This directly links into Building Information Management but encompasses much more including robotics, drones and other less traditional construction methods.

Digitalisation can be a crucial necessity to large-scale construction projects; with ambitious builds and bigger costs project owners expect to be able to have useful, clean data that can be interacted with and show a clear saving in cost and time. When a project becomes fully digitalised, everyone involved can be updated in real-time, which enables teams to shed admin-heavy workloads and spend more time on-site or analysing data, resulting in innovation and a cleaner future.

Less Admin, More Innovation

It’s understandable that we do not want teams filling in paperwork when they could be using their valuable time working together on new solutions to old problems. CEMAR was created by industry professionals to free project teams from the burden of contract administration, building the foundation of seamless digitalisation.

Unlocking digitalisation within a business releases massive potential for changing the landscape of the industry.

Find out more at cemar.co.uk


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