UPS partnership will protect helicopter pilots


MPower UPS, part of the Centiel Group, has announced it is working with FEC Heliports Equipment marketing a UPS system to help protect pilots.  FEC Heliports Equipment is a complete one-stop-shop, supplying equipment for every type of helipad installation and now, as a reseller, will offer the Flexipower Single Phase UPS 5KVA, designed and built to protect electronic equipment from power fluctuations.

Fraser MacKay, Commercial Director, FEC Heliports Equipment explained: “Critical to the design of any helipad is the need for an aircraft to land and take off safely.  The Civil Aviation Authority recommends that heliport lighting is fed from a UPS so that, in the event of a power failure the lighting system continues to function without interruption.  An autonomous power supply also ensures that other essential systems such VHF pilot activated lighting remain online even if the mains power supply is compromised. By partnering with MPower and Centiel to become a reseller for the Flexipower Single Phase UPS, we are now able to offer our clients a best-in-class solution for power protection requirements.”

Michael Brooks, Managing Director, MPower confirmed: “FEC Heliports Equipment supplies a fully flexible helipad installation service, from offshore oil and gas to onshore hospitals and heliports, plus portable solutions that can be in used in any location, working with both independent operators and some of the largest multinational companies in the world.   We are delighted to be working with FEC Heliports Equipment to supply UPS as an option to ensure a reliable, clean and stable power supply for helipads around the globe.”



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