Uptime Institute launches research organisation


The Uptime Institute has announced the launch of Uptime Institute Research, a new research organisation aimed at bringing practical and forward-looking information and insights to global data centre professionals and stakeholders. Uptime Institute Research will be introducing research services to help both management and operations staff improve the practice and design of their infrastructure and allow executives to assess opportunities, develop strategies and better manage operational teams. The new group will also leverage expertise from globally recognised sister company 451 Research in areas such as vendor strategies, software, analytics, cloud services and networking.

“Uptime Institute became the de facto standard for assuring the operation of the business-critical elements within data centres. We are now in a position to advise our clients on managing the fabric of connected components, from the edge to the core, from the power plant up to the application,” said Lee Kirby, president of Uptime Institute.

“The complex hybrid infrastructures now forming in most companies must be able to provide the required levels of business services, regardless of where those services are derived. Everywhere you turn, new innovations emerge, including cloud computing, automation, hyper-converged infrastructure, IoT as well as unique power generation or distribution and advanced cooling designs.

“These advancements require the kind of practical, level-headed and big-picture assessment that is the hallmark of Uptime Institute and our newly-formed Uptime Institute Research group.”


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