Vertiv expands software portfolio for centralised monitoring and control of UPS


Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, has released an updated version of Trellis Power Insight, a data centre management application delivering widespread, centralised monitoring and control of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and networked servers. The solution offers a comprehensive set of alarms, notifications and automated actions, up to and now including controlled server shutdown. The software is included with Liebert UPS systems. More than 500 users are already using the application, which is available globally. Trellis Power Insight is claimed to simplify management of today’s ever-changing data centre environments with auto-discovery of new devices and integration with a wide range of Liebert UPS systems.

“Data centres are increasingly complex, and everything we do is designed to simplify these environments and make management easy and efficient,” said Patrick Quirk, vice president and general manager, global management systems at Vertiv. “With advanced management capabilities, including remote management of distributed IT environments and the ability to safely shut down servers in the event of an outage, Trellis Power Insight  brings peace of mind to data centre managers.”

Most data centre applications allow for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes of battery power from UPS units. Trellis Power Insight can monitor up to 50 separate Liebert UPS systems and systematically and safely shut down up to thousands of connected servers in the event of an outage. Controlled server shutdown prevents equipment damage and business interruptions when restarting.

In addition, Trellis Power Insight provides real-time trending data, including voltage and current, for critical UPS performance. This data is consolidated and viewed in customised dashboards to centralise management of all UPS systems. Existing users are able to update their software by visiting the Vertiv software download page on the Vertiv website.



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