VIRTUE: a future-proof energy storage solution


Many organisations have to manage critical power supplies with technology that can provide full UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) functionality, due to the increasing number of brownouts and blackouts the electricity network is experiencing.

Alongside resilience, rising energy prices are also a cause for concern for many businesses.

Meanwhile, peak network charges for both the transmission system (Triad) and the distribution network (DUoS) are increasingly significant costs.

Battery-based energy storage systems can help mitigate network costs while providing UPS – and are already doing so for many businesses. They enable electricity storage from either the National Grid at times of low demand, or directly from renewable sources, for use at peak times or when required.

VIRTUE, Powerstar’s energy storage system, is one such solution. It can provide full UPS capabilities, alongside greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, and the potential to access grid incentives such as Demand Side Response (DSR) schemes. The award-winning solution can be integrated with renewable generation, allowing companies to save and store electricity generated locally; reducing demand on the National Grid, the strain on the network and lowering carbon emissions.

The adoption of energy management solutions such as VIRTUE can act as a safeguard and offer a ‘future proof’ UPS solution for sites with critical power supplies such as data centres or medical facilities, which have an ever-growing amount of vital electrical equipment.

Correctly designed to the specifications of a facility’s needs, VIRTUE can easily be scaled to match growing demand, with capacity increased by simply installing additional batteries.

By providing companies with the ability to go off grid at periods of high tariffs, energy storage solutions allow facilities managers to avoid costly DUoS and Triad tariffs, resulting in average potential savings of 24 per cent on electricity costs, while sidestepping the supply quality issues increasingly prevalent across some distribution networks.

Replace diesel and CHP UPS?

When it comes to providing UPS, some facilities are currently utilising diesel generators and combined heat and power (CHP) units. Although both are capable of offering off grid energy, including managing power supply quality, they are both ageing technologies struggling to keep up in a rapidly advancing world. In comparison, battery-based energy storage technology continues to be an advanced combined energy efficiency and UPS solution that can add value to the development of smart cities. The interactive, responsive nature of battery-based energy storage means systems monitor electrical supply to the load and rapidly recognise when power is required. When energy is required, the system will respond almost instantaneously to provide electricity for up to a period of two hours.

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