Volta Trucks, the full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, has revealed the new 7.5- and 12-tonne variants of its Zero vehicle.

The 7.5- and 12-tonne Volta Zeros have been designed by its partner, Astheimer Design in Warwick, UK alongside its own engineering teams.

They bear a close but evolutionary visual relationship to the 16-tonner which is now undergoing extensive engineering development and testing ahead of customer evaluation during 2022.

The 7.5- and 12-tonne vehicles will be visually identical at the front, with the 12-tonne vehicle having a longer chassis and body, and second set of rear wheels and tyres, to accommodate the increased vehicle payload.

In November 2021, Volta announced it had received an order of 1,470 vehicles from DB Schenker – Europe’s largest purchase of full-electric trucks

This followed Petit Forestier’s order of 1,000 Volta Zeros, which means the company now has a total order bank of about 6,000 vehicles.

Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, said, “The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-tonne models complete the full-electric Volta Zero product family.

“They’ll sit alongside our 16-tonne vehicle, that’s currently engaged in extensive testing ahead of the first customer use later this year, and the 18-tonne vehicle that will start production in mid-2023.

“Our customers tell us that they really appreciate the safety and zero-emission attributes of the 16-tonne Volta Zero, but also need smaller 7.5- and 12-tonne vehicles in their operations.

“Our engineering teams are now scaling rapidly to be able to deliver all four vehicles at pace, as our customers ask of us.”


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