Wattif enters EV charging sector in UK


Wattif installed its first UK charging points in Cambridge in late 2022, which will be followed by sites in Leeds, and then Scotland.

The company, founded in 2020, says it is in discussions to expand exponentially with contract negotiations underway that could deliver thousands of Wattif EV-managed stations in the next 18 months.

It has already secured £44.2m in initial funding from pan-European infrastructure fund Marguerite, and its technology partner Ampeco has also raised £13.2m in venture capital investment.

In addition, Wattif is targeting the rapid adoption of more than 120,000 new EV destination charge points in key European automotive markets.

Robert Svendson, CEO said, “To hit the UK’s 2030 EV targets there needs to be strong support from business, local authorities and Government to establish a coordinated strategy delivering EV cars, EV infrastructure and EV battery supply.

“Actions speak louder than words and I believe business must lead this charge given all the pressures on the UK government right now: our strong end to 2022 and start to 2023 shows that Wattif EV is ideally placed to be a critical path to that ambition.

“Our Norwegian-based expertise and focus on what’s best for the owner of EVs and EV chargers to fit charging into their daily lives are key.

“Charging en-route at service stations is not viable long-term – charging without thinking, planning or worrying, at home and destination, is key to driving growth of EV sales.”


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