Challenges in critical cooling discussed by experts


Many IT professionals are relying on small spaces for their ever-increasing business critical applications, such as branch office operations, telecoms and edge computing. Cooling infrastructures for these spaces must deliver high levels of protection, efficiency, capacity and flexibility. However, these critical cooling infrastructures are constantly evolving.

A webcast by Vertiv Webcast_02Marzowill examine the changing landscape of the industry and how new technologies can resolve the challenges of cooling critical spaces. Experts will discuss how to optimise your direct expansion and chilled water cooling systems, as well as the key challenges in adjusting cooling strategies in the ever-changing thermal environment, and the considerations that will need to be made.

The Vertiv Critical Advantage Webcast will provide an insight into:

  • The increasing trend towards micro sites and their design challenges
  • Adjusting your cooling strategies to optimise performance
  • Benefits of new cooling technologies, direct expansion and chilled water systems
  • Delivering higher levels of efficiency and gaining more control over the thermal environment

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