Webinar: practical ways to turn energy compliance into big savings


Research by energy consultants Inenco has revealed that energy reporting has the power to unlock crucial cost and carbon savings for UK businesses.

With the deadline for ESOS Phase 2 looming, many businesses still view compliance as another burden to bear during already challenging times. But with practical advice and the right tools, businesses can turn ESOS into a real opportunity to control energy costs and deliver a valuable boost to the bottom line.

Most businesses never act on their ESOS findings. Only 39% of the businesses Inenco spoke to had implemented their ESOS Phase 1 findings, meaning ESOS remained nothing more than an administrative burden – when it could be transformed into financial benefit.

Facing the changes ahead

Finding ways to make new energy savings will become increasingly important in the years to come. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have reported that the electrification of heat and transport will double demand for power by 2050 and that this is likely to cause energy price peaks over the next 10 years. The message to businesses is to act on compliance discoveries.

Discover more

At 11am on 11th July 2019 Inenco is hosting a webinar designed to help energy and compliance professionals get more out of ESOS Phase 2 and other compliance schemes. Register here.

Packed with straightforward advice, an expert panel will provide a practical roadmap to energy compliance, including ESOS, SECR and CCA. They will also look at ways that manufacturers in particular can identify the savings which will make compliance ‘cost-free’ and talk through case studies from businesses who have used compliance to make big savings.

Learn how compliance can save you money and support your strategic objectives. Sign up today.

Registration is now open at: https://www.inenco.com/insight/events/webinar-turning-energy-compliance-into-opportunity/


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