Welsh start-up claims more massive lighting savings – 96% at retailer Claire’s


Welsh start-up EnModus claims its technology, which uses existing mains wiring to connect lights to an internet platform, has delivered 96% energy savings at a UK warehouse operated by retailer Claire’s.

The trial follows claims by the company earlier this year that a similar project at a Virgin Media data centre cut lighting consumption by 99%.

The project at Claire’s warehouse, which EnModus said was validated by the retailer against the replaced light fittings, suggested total savings of £107,000 could be delivered over five years if the comms technology and lighting was deployed throughout the facility.

Wanklyn: Connect and control any asset.

EnModus sales and marketing vice president, John Wanklyn, suggested the project shows “how energy efficiency is now a top priority for many companies”. 

He added that lighting was just one application for its powerline technology, which can “ultimately control any mains-connected asset.”

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