West Berkshire Council has appointed Ubitricity to supply, install and manage up to 250 EV charge points covering a range of on street and residential locations.

The deployment is part of a four-year contract between the Council and Ubitricity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell, using their bollard charge points, designed to draw power from existing streetlamps.

These Ubitricity charge points charge at a speed of up to 5kW and can be installed in three hours.

Cllr Adrian Abbs, Executive Member for Climate Action, Recycling and Biodiversity at West Berkshire Council said: “With the increase of private EV ownership, especially with second and third hand EVs becoming prevalent, it’s important that we work to ensure residents without private charging points can still have access to chargers.

“It is also essential that we work towards the right network of public chargers across West Berkshire and so remove range anxiety for all types of EV owners.

“Just as important as the installation is the maintenance and availability of the charging points. This initiative is a step towards our desired end goal of enabling clean air, cost effective transport for as many as possible.”

Ubitricity recently passed the milestone of its 7,000th UK charge point.

Toby Butler, UK Managing Director at Ubitricity said, “Across the UK we are seeing growing demand from councils and local authorities of all sizes for our industry-leading public charging infrastructure.

“We are so happy to be working with the council on a project that will make EV ownership even more convenient for both residents and businesses.”


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